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Loren Scott Fiedler (Scott, to his friends) is a commercial photographer with several years of experience working with professionals in interiors, architecture and product design.  Inspired by his mother’s photography to pick up the camera when he was young, he spent his formative years in New York and Chicago before heading west to Denver and Los Angeles.  Part realist, part romantic, he has a flair for capturing the uniqueness of the mundane and the grandiose alike with a simplistic honesty underlying a constant desire for beauty in its many forms.  To aim his lens right at that juxtaposition between what the eye sees and what the heart feels is his primary obsession as a photographer.

Drawn to bold lines and dynamic shapes, he shoots from the same perspective with which he approaches life: seeking, with enthusiasm, to revel in the dynamic contrast between action and stillness from one moment to the next.  He has a joyful obsession with finding expressiveness in the animate and inanimate alike. 

Scott currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.


  • Ernst & Young

  • GoDaddy, Inc

  • HX: The Hotel Experience

  • Deloitte

  • Context Summits

  • Bluestar Alliance

  • Phaidon Press • Wallpaper* City Guides

  • St. John’s Preparatory High School

  • Incanto Productions

  • Association of Italian-American Educators

  • Hofstra University

  • Savina Design

  • Interior Design Society

  • Garfield Realty

  • Coldwell Banker

  • Corcoran Group

  • Halstead Property

  • ART QA Magazine, Staff Photographer

  • Judson Interiors

  • Kristen Childs Design

  • Flowers Project

  • Rebellious Magazine for Women